The Best MicroModal Luxury Undies


We create masterpieces.

We like to think we create more than just underwear. We aim to bring to life unique pieces, meticulously crafted and perfectly fitted, that will provoke emotion.

We believe underwear is the most important piece of a man's wardrobe.  It is the most intimate piece of clothing one will ever own. It defines a person when they're truly themselves and they have nothing left to hide. 


The perfect cut


We spent a year trying dozens of different cuts on many men to find the one. Just low enough on the waist to be comfortable but sexy. Tight enough around the legs so the undies don't ride up. With minimal  stitching to optimise contact between the fabric and the skin. Featuring a small, laser-cut tag on the back that no one can even feel. And of course, just enough room down there for you to be comfortable at all times, and perfectly supported.

We also ensure our undies are naturally enhancing your most precious assets. No pouch or padding needed… Check out this blog post for more details.


The perfect fabric


At the core of everything lies this incredible fabric that we were told was "too good for underwear". If you don't know why MicroModal is the best fabric for luxury underwear, check this out.

Our signature MicroModal is extra special. First, it is made in the US, in small artisanal batches. Second, it is woven more finely than your average MicroModal, which gives it its luxurious, gotta-feel-it-to-believe-it softness. That is the reason why people have confessed to becoming addicted to our undies. We add a little elastane for perfect fit, and, voila.



The perfect design

Atelier_product_010 copy.jpg

We think understatement is the ultimate luxury. Our pieces are designed in France, with this principle in mind. Clean lines that let your body be the focus. No big logo on the waistband that distract the attention. A sophisticated mix of tones. Our pieces do not take center stage. They give you that extra classy je-ne-sais-quoi.




Sam - Los Angeles, CA