If you're purchasing luxury underwear online for the first time with us, you may be worried. What if the underwear doesn't fit? Don't fret. We got you.

First, make sure you check our size & fit guide. This should solve any worry you may have and ensure you pick the right size for your underwear. 

In case you receive your Atelier Traditionnel underwear and the fit isn't right, this is where our Perfect Fit guarantee comes into play.

For first-time Atelier Traditionnel customers in the continental US, in case the fit of the first underwear pair you purchased with us is not right, we'll exchange this first pair with the exact same model one size up or down at no cost to you. 

This means you can buy and not worry whether your piece will fit you right. 

This is the jist of the policy. If you'd like more details, please read the policy in more details here.

Now, shop away!