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An incredible feel on skin

The secret is our fabric: an American-made blend of MicroModal, with a touch of Elastane.


Our difference: we selected a premium fiber blend that is more tightly woven than classic MicroModal blends, for even better comfort and durability. It creates an incredibly soft feeling on the skin that makes it hard to wear anything else after that. As the story goes, we were told this fabric was "too good for underwear". We're glad we didn't listen.


Understated design.

Guided by the extraordinary craftsmanship of French ateliers, we spent a lot of time refining a design that seamlessly blends extreme sophistication with understated simplicity. 


Our most obvious testament to good design is the absence of logo on the underwear waistband. The "AT" signature is placed on a small tag on the side of each piece, to not disrupt the cleanliness of our designs.


American craftsmanship

Every pair of Atelier Traditionnel underwear is handcrafted in California by local artisans passionate about their craft. Our production is run in small batches with an incredible focus on quality and obsessive attention to detail.


We believe in the American craftsmanship and in the extraordinary expertise of American artisans. This is very unique in an industry where the vast majority of products are manufactured in giant, soulless factories in low cost countries across the globe.