We spend more - way more - on fabric.


We spend 5 times more than other premium brands on fabric. We source ours in America, from a carefully selected mill that crafts a luxurious Micromodal blend we were told was “too good for underwear”. It’s no secret: by investing on quality fabric, we create truly superior underwear.


An incredible buttery-soft feel on skin.

Our fabric is an American-made MicroModal blend, with a touch of elastane. But not just any MicroModal. The secret? Our fabric is more densely woven than your average MicroModal and is carefully made in small batches. The unique weave density is hard to replicate in mass-production but it is what creates this incredibly buttery-soft feel on skin, while providing all the support you need in all the right places.

Find out more about our fabric in our blog.


Understated design. Elevated.

Clean lines. No patterns. Sophisticated tonal choices. No big brand name on the waistband. Just a small "AT" tag on the front. We don't think high-end underwear should transform you into a walking advertisement. Beau Brummell said it best: “to be elegant, one should not be noticed”.