A cut above the others.

There are millions of underwear brands out there. We believe we create products that are better than everyone else's. Most brands promise great quality and comfort at an affordable price. We call that good marketing. Have you ever bought a luxury car for the price of a midsize?

Read below to understand why we feel we are a cut above the rest.


Incredible comfort.

Every. Single. Person who tries our underwear has this to say about it: "I have never worn anything this comfortable". Why? Because we use an incredibly luxurious fabric that was deemed "too good for underwear". The fabric in question is an American-made MicroModal blend, with a touch of elastane. But not just any MicroModal. The secret? Our fabric is more densely woven than your average MicroModal. It costs more to produce, but the contact of the fiber on skin is. Just. Incredible.

Find out more about our fabric in our blog.


Understated design.

Clean lines. No patterns. No big brand name on the waistband. Just a small "AT" tag on the front. We don't think high-end underwear should transform you into a walking advertisement. Oh, and no visible branding means another great conversation starter: "wow, who makes these undies?" ;)


Quality is close to home.

More than 99% of the underwear sold in the United States is made abroad, and most of it in low-cost countries, like China, Sri Lanka or Egypt. We chose to celebrate craftsmanship and quality over offshoring and standardization. Every Atelier Traditionnel underwear is made by hand in the USA, from fabric made in the USA. We know every craftsman by name and respect their expertise. We just think that's how luxury masterpieces are made.