Put Your Money Where Your Boys Are

Your most precious assets deserve underwear that takes extra care of them.


Your boys are the most precious part of your body - there’s a reason they are called the family jewels. We focused on created the very best underwear to take care of them (and make them look good, too).

No gimmick, no loud design. We invested in the most incredible fabric and the cleanest design to provide incredible comfort, support and natural package-enhancement.

Don’t put your eggs in the same basket as everyone else. Trust us, it’s worth it.


Supreme Breathable Comfort


An extraordinary fabric our suppliers said was “too good for underwear”: our signature MicroModal blend is extra special. It is woven more finely than average, to give it a unique luxurious, gotta-feel-it-to-believe-it softness.

Yes, it is expensive - in fact we spend 5x more on fabric than other premium brands - but we spent money on what truly mattered.

Perfectly Designed Support

Atelier_product_010 copy.jpg

Clean lines that compliment your body. No big logos on the waistband that distract the attention. We spent a lot of time worrying about small details that make a big difference, like how the bottom elastic hugs the posterior. We obsessed about how much elastane to blend in the fabric, that magic number that would give the perfect package support.

In the end we found it. Perfect support and movement without feeling constrained. Like wearing a cloud.


Naturally Package-Enhancing


Who doesn’t want a little boost down there? Today, most package-enhancing underwear resort to tricks or gimmicks to make your package look bigger. We have seen it all: pouches, padding, straps… you name it. It all looks good on paper, but the second your take the undies off, the secret’s out. Do you want to be the guy that looks like he’s trying too hard and wears wonderbra for his junk? On the Richter scale of sexiness, that’s a solid zero.

Our undies have been designed and cut to be naturally package-enhancing. The secret? It’s in the engineering of the front panel. The fabric is cut and sewn to gently pull on each side of the front pouch, creating 2 natural creases that frame your package. It helps that our fabric is incredibly soft and supple. It looks like your package is weighing down the undies.


When you remove the undies, there is no gimmick to be seen. So if your package looks big with the undies on and there is no pouch, straps or padding in your undies, then your package is really… bigger than average ;) See?



Sam - Los Angeles, CA