Underwear for the Days That Matter


Some days are more important than others...

We all know this: there are days in our life that count a little more than others. A birthday, a third date, your handsome friend's housewarming party... or even gym Tuesdays...

Whatever the reason, these are days when we want to look great, all the way down to the undies. Because on these days, someone else than yourself may get to see them.



... we make underwear for the days that matter

One day, one of us realised there was no underwear out there that he would be proud to get down to - unless he didn't mind looking like a human billboard. Nothing that was luxurious, stylish and understated (not to mention incredibly comfortable).

That's why we created Atelier Traditionnel. We make beautifully crafted undies in America, for the days where you'll want to be proud of what you wear down there.


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