Does size matter? Yes - especially for luxury underwear.

Many men know that buying underwear online can bring a bit of uncertainty as to whether the underwear you purchase will be the right size. This is particularly true if you’re considering buying a pair of underwear from a brand you haven’t worn before, and even more so if the price tag is high – that makes any size mistake even more painful.

Luckily, knowing how to correctly measure yourself and dress to your body type can help you buy with confidence.

A sizing chart isn’t everything

Most men’s underwear brands offer a sizing chart to help you find the right size. It usually matches each underwear size with a range of waist sizes, in inches. Referencing a sizing chart can help, but only if you know your waist measurement. If you’re unsure what your exact measurements are, the sizing chart may not be of much help to you. If you do, however, this is all you need. Ours is here.

Finding Your Ideal Underwear Size

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The easiest way to get your underwear size right is to know how to correctly take your waist measurement. For something that sounds pretty straightforward, quite a lot of men measure this incorrectly.

You don’t measure for your waist size at your hips, where your underwear usually sit. Instead, you’re supposed to measure at what’s known as your natural waist. That’s the point between the bottom of your rib cage and top of your hip– usually that’s right around navel level.

To measure your natural waist, you’ll need a tape measure. With your shirt off, place the end of the tape measure next to your navel and wrap it around your waist. Make sure you aren’t squeezing your waist too tightly with the measuring tape. You want to be able to comfortably place a finger between your skin and the tape.

The point where the measuring tape overlaps will give you your waist size.

Compare your waist measurement to the brand’s sizing chart to know exactly which size to buy.

It’s important that you don’t lower the measuring tape to your hips while taking your measurement. The natural waist measurement is used because it helps ensure consistent measurements and labelling for different garments. Keep in mind that most dress pants are worn slightly higher on the hips than jeans or underwear. If different types of bottoms used different measuring points on the body, it would be virtually impossible to have sizing consistency between garments.


Fitting Your Underwear to Your Body

Most of the time, your waist size will be enough to let you know what size underwear to purchase. However, there are exceptions since the fit of your underwear will depend upon more than just your waist. For example, if you have notably muscular legs, you may consider buying trunks or boxer briefs one size larger in order to ensure that your thighs have enough room.

Remember that Atelier Traditionnel underwear is made with a touch of elastane.  That may not sound like very much, but it’s enough to guarantee that your luxury underwear will have a bit of stretch to it and will fit comfortably to your body. Keep that in mind if you’re concerned about your waist measurement being on the higher end of a size– our underwear can stretch a little.

Keeping these few simple rules in mind will ensure that you buy the right size underwear every time.  


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