Black, White, Navy? Picking the Perfect Color for Your Luxury Underwear.

Make sure you wear the right color of underwear for any occasion by remembering a few simple rules.

If you’re picking the color of your luxury underwear solely on personal preference, you are likely missing out on some of its utility. Your entire outfit should be intentional, and should match the occasion for which you are dressing. Your underwear is no exception. To successfully bring an outfit together, you need to know how to decide which color is most appropriate. Picking the color for your underwear is rather simple, so long as you keep a few things in mind.

Black Underwear

In general, black is a rather refined color for clothing. Black exudes confidence, and is also quite sophisticated. It is a good color choice for formal occasions (think black tie). Because black is a very sleek color for men’s underwear, it’s going to work for any occasion in which you need to be a little dressier. The dressy nature of black underwear, however, does not make it austere. It’s also a good color choice for a first date. If you want to feel a bit sexier in black underwear, picking a low-rise cut, such as briefs, and a waistband that has a bit of shimmer or contrast will boost your sex appeal. The primary limitation of black underwear is wearing white or light-colored pants. Black underwear can be visible under lighter pants, which is something you want to avoid.

White Underwear

You can’t get much more classic than white underwear. The color has a timeless feel to it, though that doesn’t mean it’s dated. Clean lines and a sophisticated design can keep it quite modern. Much like black underwear, white underwear has stood the test of time because of its versatility. White underwear works well with any skin tone. White, as a color, doesn’t stand out, so the focus will be on your body, not on your underwear. White also isn’t quite as formal of a color as black, but is still completely appropriate for a lounge or business casual dress code. With its simplicity and timelessness, white is a great go-to underwear color for everyday wear.

Navy Underwear

Navy is a happy medium between white and black underwear. It’s not quite as formal as black underwear, but it is still a color with depth, so it will draw the eye more than white underwear. It’s dressy enough that you can wear it with business casual attire, but, like white underwear, is also a good choice for daily wear. It allows you to show that you are fun, but still refined. Navy is also less classic than white. If you’re looking to strike a balance between the eye-catching appeal of black underwear and the daily practicality of white, then navy is a good color choice for you.

What’s your favorite go-to underwear color? Let us know!