Why MicroModal is the Best Microfiber for Luxury Underwear

There are many terms used to describe fabric for men’s underwear, and it can be confusing for anyone trying to understand what’s best for them. While cotton is usually the default fabric people know about, there are a ton of other options to pick from. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is why we only use premium, high-weight MicroModal fabric to craft our Atelier Traditionnel undies. Let’s try to answer this below.

What is Microfiber

The first thing to know about MicroModal is that it is a kind of microfiber. Microfiber is a fiber with a diameter of less than ten micrometres (about 100 times smaller than 1 millimeter). For reference, that’s about eight to ten times finer than the average diameter of a strand of human hair. It’s also much finer than cotton fiber.

Microfibers can be made of various different materials, like polyester, nylon, Kevlar, Modal…. It doesn’t define what kind of fabric it is as much as the fineness of the fiber. The microfiber material used in a kitchen cleaning cloth has nothing to do with microfiber used in premium underwear but both use the finest possible version of the material they are made of.

The fact microfiber is a much smaller fiber than cotton or even silk explains it’s incredible comfort on skin, that a thicker fiber like cotton cannot match.

What is MicroModal


MicroModal is simply the microfiber version of Modal fabric. What have written about Modal before. Since their creation, Modal and MicroModal have been known to offer a unique combination of softness and durability which is ideal for underwear.

Both Modal and MicroModal are derived from the European beech wood tree. Its pulp is treated and processed in a way which dissolves the cellulose, which then gets spun into fibers. These fibers are then able to be dyed and, if desired, blended with other fibers to be used in textiles. This requires a lot less water to produce than cotton, making these supple fabrics ideal for environmentally-conscious consumers and producers alike.

MicroModal, being finer than Modal, is therefore as durable but even more comfortable to the touch. It’s also even more breathable, and explains why MicroModal is also used in bed sheets that will keep you cool at night.

MicroModal is the best fabric for high-end underwear

MicroModal is the finest fiber in the Modal family, and provides for incredible comfort, breathability and suppleness. On top of this, our MicroModal fabric is made in the United States (from yarn made in Europe), and is woven more tightly than average. By having more microfibers per square inch of fabric than your average MicroModal undies, we have created what we believe is the most luxurious undies on the planet.

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