Why Our Luxury Micromodal Undies Help Fight Against Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion has been trending for a few years now. The expression stands for cheaply made garments inspired by seasonal runway trends, meant to be worn a few times and then discarded a few weeks later, to be replaced by newer, trendier items..

It is a fundamental shift from the role garments have taken in our lives over the past centuries, and it was made possible by technology and globalisation. Trends that happen one day in Paris or Milan can be deconstructed and re-designed the next day in Spain or Sweden, to be made into pants or shirts in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh a few weeks after that, and finally found in stores the world over soon after.

There is growing awareness that the Fast Fashion trend isn’t necessarily a good thing for the planet. As Esquire puts it, “the global apparel industry produced 150 billion garments in 2010, enough to provide 20 new articles of clothing for every person on the planet“. The article goes on to note that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth”. Why? Because of Fast Fashion.

Fast Fashion incites people to consume more clothing and creates a vicious circle: the more you want to buy clothes, the cheaper they have to be, the more polluting they get. Very few brands produce their garments locally, preferring to offshore in very low cost countries like Bangladesh or Egypt and the pressure to use air freight to move production around fast is immense - after all, trends come and go swiftly. Natural fibers are replaced by cheaper synthetic ones. Fast Fashion is rarely synonymous with quality.

When we created Atelier Traditionnel, we wanted to take a different take on the industry altogether. The pieces we wanted to create were never meant to be an item of the moment to follow a buzzing trend. Creating underwear masterpieces meant thinking beyond that, and bringing true premium quality to a segment of the industry that quite frankly, didn’t really have it.

For us, fighting Fast Fashion means:

  • investing 5 times more in fabric than other premium brands. Our fabric is made in America with 92% micromodal, which is a fiber made from the pulp of beech trees. Not only is micromodal natural, but the process to make it is also a lot more Earth-friendly than other natural fibers. Micromodal production uses about 20 less water than cotton, for instance.

  • creating pieces you will want to wear over and over again, and helping you keep them in your wardrobe longer. Every piece of Atelier Traditionnel underwear comes with a complimentary mesh bag and specific washing & drying instructions to make them last longer.

  • limiting as much as possible offshoring. While some of our production is made in China, 100% of our fabric is proudly made in America.

  • never falling for the latest trends. Our undies are timeless classics that will look good on you a few years from now. Think about them as a long term investment.

  • be ready to pay for quality: our undies are definitely more expensive than basic cotton tighty whities, but we strongly believe they are worth it. We even wrote about it here.

Fighting Fast Fashion is also about being humble. We can always do more and we will strive to do so. Stay tuned!