Do You Have to Choose Between Sexy and Comfortable Undies?


You often hear that you can’t always get what you want. It is especially true when you think of men’s luxury undies.

The sexy-but-not-comfortable undies

On the one hand, there are plenty of brands that offer what they call sexy underwear. It can range from, mild to wild, from men’s lingerie to mesh or see-through undies. In car speak, it would be finding a pimped-out Camaro sexier than a sleek black Mercedes coupe. It’s totally cool if that’s your thing, but we want to point out that, to us, that’s not very sexy. It just says: trying a little too hard.

The comfortable-but-not-very-sexy undies

On the other hand, it is also somewhat easy to find underwear that calls itself comfortable, and let’s be honest, these pieces are usually not the best designed. You see, for a lot of brands which can’t design or sell sexy underwear, comfortable is the option they have to fall back to. If you can’t see sexy undies, might as well call them comfortable, right?

The truth of the matter is, most of these so-called comfy undies are made of cotton, which is not a premium fabric, and is certainly not the most comfortable fabric for your most precious parts.

Why give up one for the other? Welcome understated, incredibly comfortable undies.


At Atelier Traditionnel, we believe you can have it all. Hey, why not, we were inspired from the French and they don’t like to compromise ;). That’s why our undies were designed with an understated quality to them. They don’t scream for attention. No bright elastic band with a brand name on it. No fancy marketing gimmick. They’re just naturally sexy, with that French je-ne-sais-quoi vibe. They tell of story of cool confidence, and to us, that's what makes a guy attractive.

Our undies are also incredibly comfortable. Why? Because we picked a fabric deemed “too good for underwear” (trust us, we pushed back and bought that fabric anyway). We use the highest-quality, made-in-America MicroModal fabric. Micromodal is a fabric that feels incredible to the touch, that’s breathable, and a lot more earth-friendly than cotton. Ours has a special, higher-than-average density that gives it its unparalleled softness. That’s why we think our undies are, indeed, the most comfortable you can buy.

We can’t count the number of people who have told us they can’t wear anything but Atelier Traditionnel. Once you try us, you never go back.

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Still not sure? Hear us out: If you’re worried about sizing, don’t sweat it. Most first time shoppers can get a free pair replacement, one size up or down, if the fit of your Atelier Traditionnel undies isn’t perfect. Details and limitations are here. And of course, shipping is always free for US shoppers, and free above a certain threshold for international shoppers (see here for details).

Why not check our undies and see for yourself? Discover more or check out our online boutique.