Are White Micromodal Undies Taking Over the Classic White Cotton Briefs?

White cotton briefs are iconic. The have a special place in the history of men’s underwear. They have been around for so long. We talked about them before.

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There is something about white cotton briefs

Men love white cotton briefs for many good reasons. They are a classic and have been around forever (hello Jockey 60s undies). They represent the can’t-go-wrong side of underwear choices. Who is ever going to say that white cotton briefs are a no-no?

Celebrities, models, have been seen and shot in white cotton undies - remember the famous Marky Mark Calvin Klein ads that made white cotton undies cool again?

Cotton was a go-to fabric. Nice to wear, easy to wash, affordable to make… There was also something to be said about white. It says clean, pure, I-have-nothing-to-hide like no other color.

Upgrading to white micromodal underwear

People are now realising cotton may not be the ideal fabric everyone once thought it was.

First, cotton is associated with cheap labor in developing countries, where major fashion conglomerates fight to get the lowest cost material out of workers. Cotton production requires a lot of water, which drains natural resources, especially in countries where water is a precious commodity.

Then, cotton isn’t at all the most comfortable fabric any more. Micromodal, derived from beech pulp, is incredibly softer to the touch, and feels a lot more comfortable to wear. Because our undies are made of more than 90% American-made Micromodal, we have spoken about it before, here and here.

Micromodal is also a lot kinder to nature. It is made out of beech tree pulp, and the fabrication uses about 20 times less water than cotton. Our micro modal yarn comes from Europe, and the fabric is made in the USA.

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