Underwear For The Days That Matter

Some Days Are More Important Than Others

We all know this: there are days in our life that count a little more than others. Whether is it your birthday, a third date or your handsome friend's housewarming party... or even gym Tuesdays... these are days when maybe, somehow, someone else will get to see you in your underwear.

We have all experienced these. These are the days when we spend a little more time in front of the mirror, where we choose carefully the shirt we'll be wearing... But let's be honest, what really matters is the one piece of fabric that will be the last to go, in case things go as planned: your underwear.

A lot of guys think underwear isn't an important part of their wardrobe, because very few people get to see it. We beg to differ: the people who do are the ones who matter most. Imagine you've done all that prep work: perfect hair, great t-shirt, cool jeans... and then, IT happens. You take your clothes off, and underneath all of that perfectly curated style, your partner discovers a $5 pair of cheap undies. What does it say about you? "I don't care because no one was supposed to see these?". Come on.


Underwear For The Days That Matter

So what do we recommend on these days? Invest in better underwear. It doesn't have to be ours, but if you're willing to dress to impress, you might as well go all the way.

Our underwear uses the best fabric we could find: an American-made blend of high-weight MicroModal, that is so soft and comfortable people told us it was "too good" for underwear.

Our undies are perfectly designed, and beautifully understated. No need to scream our name in big letters on the waistband: we have no desire to transform you into a human billboard.

In other words, we make beautifully crafted undies in America, for the days where you'll want to be proud of what you wear down there.

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