Modal vs Micromodal - which fabric for luxury undies?

Fabric plays an incredibly important role in men’s luxury underwear.  Cotton and polyester blends have been the dominant textiles for making underwear because of their availability, and cost. However, as more consumers seek out higher quality and eco-friendly options for their luxury underwear, Modal and MicroModal have emerged as superb options for underwear.


Where they come from

Modal and MicroModal are both relatively new fabrics. Unlike cotton and linen, which have been used for clothing for thousands of years, Modal and MicroModal have only been in use for a few decades. Modal was first used used in clothing approximately fifty years ago, and MicroModal followed several years later.

Since their creation, Modal and MicroModal have been celebrated for their supreme softness, which is often compared to feeling like a sturdier silk. Unlike silk, however, Modal fabrics maintain their strength when wet. For underwear, this combination of softness and durability is ideal, and as technology has advanced to allow for the production of these fabrics to be more efficient and cost effective, it’s starting to be more often utilized in creating underwear– particularly luxury underwear.

Both Modal and MicoModal are derived from the European beech wood tree. Its pulp is treated and processed in a way which dissolves the cellulose, which then gets spun into fibers. These fibers are then able to be dyed and, if desired, blended with other fibers to be used in textiles. This requires an estimated 10 to 20 times less water to produce than cotton, and beech trees grow abundantly in the Northern Hemisphere, making these supple fabrics ideal for environmentally-conscious consumers and producers alike.


The big difference

Both Modal and MicroModal are exceptionally soft fabrics, and both are similarly derived from the cellulose of beech trees. The primary difference, however, comes from the extent to which the cellulose is processed and the size of the fibers produced.

As the name suggests, MicroModal uses a finer fiber than Modal. Because the fibers are smaller, spinning thread and making textiles out of them requires that more be used. Additionally, it means that the fibers can be woven together incredibly tightly.

This makes MicroModal an even more comfortable, soft, breathable fabric. Think about MicroModal as the more refined of the two. It truly is the best fabric you can wear down there.