MicroModal Underwear or Egyptian Cotton Sheets: Thread Count Counts for Comfort

With both bedding and mens underwear, preferences for certain styles and colors can be argued over ad infinium. Quality, however, isn’t so easily debated. For fabrics that encompass your most intimate moments, quality isn’t something that’s seen– it’s felt and experienced.

Think back to the last time you had to sleep in a bed made with cheap linens. Lower thread counts get the job done in the sense that you’ll have something covering you, but they don’t make for the optimal sleeping experience. They’re scratchy, trap heat, and you’re more likely to wake up in the middle of the night from discomfort. Higher quality sheets with denser thread counts, however, enhance the sleeping experience. They’re inviting, and keep you comfortable until your alarm goes off.

If you’re discerning with your sheets, then you ought to be discerning with your underwear as well. The same principles apply. Lower quality fabrics are going to make for lower quality underwear, and leave your outfit lacking. Wearing underwear made from MicroModal, however, is like sleeping in a bed made up with 1,000 thread count sheets of Egyptian Cotton. They elevate the process of getting dressed from being a mundane activity to a delightful experience, and provide the optimal foundation for the rest of your outfit.


What is Thread Count?

Fabric is made through a process of weaving fibers together in an alternating pattern of horizontal and vertical threads, and thread count indicates the number of threads in a single square inch of fabric. If a pair of sheets, for example, is labeled as having a 1,000 thread count, then for each square inch of those sheets, there are 500 vertical and 500 horizontal interlaced threads.

While the general process for weaving these threads together is largely the same for various types of fabrics, the outcome is going to depend upon the time and attention given to a textile during its creation. For mass produced fabrics, many producers will utilize thicker fibers. Since thicker fibers require fewer individual threads to take up the same space as finer threads, they allow for fabric to be made quicker and cheaper. The tradeoff, however, is that these fabrics typically have a maximum thread count of about 200, and the product you get with them is coarse.

Softer fabrics with higher thread counts are carefully crafted from incredibly fine threads. This costs more and takes more time to produce than heavier fibers, but the outcome is an incredibly tightly knit fabric that feels supple to the touch. It takes care and precision to get 500 or more fibers into a single square inch, but the payoff is comfort and long-lasting quality.


Why This Matters for Underwear

The fibers used to make MicroModal fabric are incredibly fine, meaning that they naturally lend themselves to creating higher thread count than denser fibers, such as cotton. And the America-made MicroModal fabric that we use doesn’t cut any corners just to save time or money while it’s being made. After all, for underwear to be art, corners simply can’t be cut.

The outcome is a densely woven fabric made from one of the softest threads available. This is the basis for our underwear’s unmatched comfort and its long-lasting quality. This approach to making underwear isn’t cheap, but the payoff is the same as buying high-quality sheets. Wearing MicroModal underwear is as enjoyable an experience as climbing into luxury sheets, and it’s the only way you can guarantee that you’ll have all-day comfort and confidence with your underwear choice.

Brad Parker