In Your Gym Bag: Trunks or Briefs?

At the gym, wearing underwear with adequate support is a must. The revealing nature of gym shorts aside, supportive underwear serves a very practical purpose while exercising. Underwear that conforms to your body allows for a fuller range of movement and prevents seams from riding up uncomfortably.

When it comes to support alone, trunks and briefs are great options, but that’s not to say that these styles of underwear are interchangeable. Depending upon your workout routine and thoughts about the locker room, one or the other may work best for you.


The Case for Briefs

With a low rise waist and high cut hip, briefs cover what needs to be covered and support what needs to be supported, but don’t have any excess fabric to restrain your legs. It’s been that way since their inception nearly a century ago, when having an underwear option that was both supportive and comfortable caused them so sell out on their first day in stores.

Since your legs are completely free in briefs, they’re going to be the ideal underwear for days in which you’re planning on working your legs or doing cardio. With no fabric constricting your quads or adductors, briefs work perfectly for squats, jogging, and lunges. Briefs allow for the fullest range of motion, which is crucial for a successful workout.

Since briefs are also perfect for accentuating your legs, if you want to showcase your hard earned muscles in the locker room without fully exposing yourself, briefs are a must. And since our luxury briefs create a very classic, masculine silhouette, you won’t come across as attention-seeking as you change clothes.


The Case for Trunks

Trunks provide you with the same support as briefs, but offer a bit more coverage for your legs. In recent years, they’ve become one of the most in-demand styles of underwear due to the fact that they strike a balance between support where it’s needed and coverage where it’s wanted. Because of this, they’re also a great choice for working out. They conform to your body and only come down a few inches on the thigh, so they can be worn comfortably beneath gym shorts and keep everything securely in place as you workout.

That being said, if you’re doing a lot of lower body movement– such as deep squats, lunges, or yoga– the additional fabric over the tops of the thighs can start to feel constricting. The touch of elastane in our underwear ensures that our trunks won’t pinch or bunch up during these movements, but even the best underwear has its limits for how much it can stretch comfortably. This makes trunks perfect for upper body and back days, but not for working out your legs.


Time to Workout

Both trunks and briefs are great options for the gym, but you can get the most comfort out of your luxury underwear (and make the most out of your workout) by strategically choosing one or the other depending upon what muscle groups you’re working and your personal preferences in the locker room. So choose your gym attire discerningly, and get the most out of our lightweight, moisture-wicking underwear.  

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Brad Parker