Should you Wash your Luxury Underwear by Hand?

Luxury underwear is an investment, and as with any investment you want to get the most out of it. Since most high-end pieces of clothing require special care to maintain their value and quality, it’s easy to assume that protecting your investment in high end Micromodal underwear would also require going above and beyond.

But let’s be real– nobody has the time to hand wash or dry clean their underwear each time they need to do laundry. While those are both great ways to fully preserve the quality of your underwear, the good news is that they aren’t necessary. Luxury underwear is machine washable– as long as you’re smart about it.


The Correct Way to Wash Your Underwear

When you machine wash your high-end underwear, your best bet is to wash them with similar fabrics on a delicate cycle in cold water. Using hot water or a full-strength wash cycle can strain fibers, causing premature breakage or stretching. Cold water on a delicate cycle is still going to be able to get your underwear clean, too. This means that it typically works well to clean your underwear alongside dress pants and sweaters, since they also typically require gentler cleaning cycles.

It’s also important to remember to use a gentle detergent, and to avoid using things like fabric softener and bleach. Both bleach and fabric softener can loosen the weave of fibers in your luxury underwear, shortening their lifespan. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to keep your white underwear lustrous and if you’re wearing our Micromodal underwear, they’re going to be incredibly soft without needing fabric softener.

Once you’ve washed your underwear, the last step is, of course, drying them. Just as you shouldn’t toss your luxury underwear into any old wash cycle, you shouldn't throw them in the dryer like you might with your gym clothes.

With luxury underwear, it’s typically best to let them air dry. Hanging them from a clothing line or on a rack is going to be the best approach for getting them to dry. Dryers are notoriously bad about damaging clothes when used long term, and the damage is evident. Cleaning out the lint trap, for example, will return a fist full of lint, which comes from broken fibers.

Hanging your Micromodal underwear to dry will prevent this breakdown from occurring–– which will eventually lead to tearing, but more immediately lead to stretching–– and it’s also better for the environment, making it a win-win.

Underwear Washing Pro Tips

  1. Since it’s important to wash your luxury underwear a little more gently than some of your other pieces, it’s especially important to try to not let stains set in. Using a gentle pre-wash treatment before spills can dry will ensure that stains lift in the wash, even on a delicate cycle.

  2. If you don’t feel that your detergent cleans clothes as effectively in colder washes, consider switching to a detergent that’s formulated for specifically for cold water. These typically have a higher concentration of cleaning agents, ensuring that your clothes come out of the wash looking and feeling fresh.

  3. To get your underwear to dry faster, try to hang in direct sunlight. The additional light will help lingering water evaporate more quickly, and it can also help keep your whites bright. In an emergency, you can finish off your drying in the dryer, but please use the lowest heat setting possible if you absolutely must go with this option; never try to speed up drying by putting them in a full-heat cycle or ironing them.