Is MicroModal the Most Comfortable Fabric Ever?

No guy wants to endure the scratchy, rough discomfort of low-quality fabric in his underwear. Coarse textures make for an unpleasant experience, especially when worn for several hours at a time. In an effort to protect their privates, many men abandon these coarser undies to seek out a luxury underwear that’s ultra-silky and comfortable to the point of being indulgent.

That’s where MicroModal fabric comes in.

As we’ve written about before, from its comfort to its functionality, MicroModal is hard to beat. With unparalleled softness and moisture wicking capabilities, it’s perfect for everything from your special date night undies to your daily-wear tighty whities.



The Feel of MicroModal


MicroModal is so soft and silky against the skin that, for most guys, wearing it is the only way to understand how comfortable it is.

Far softer than cotton, MicroModal has the sensation of silk. It’s cool to the touch, glides over the body easily, and won’t feel scratchy, even against the most sensitive parts of your body.

Since MicroModal is so soft to the touch, you’ll be able to tell the difference between it and other kinds of underwear as soon as you put them on. By the end of the day, however, the difference is indescribable. Rather than rushing to get undressed, you’ll find that your intimate areas will still be comfortable in MicroModal.

Wearing MicroModal is an experience in its own right. As a part of our belief that Underwear Is Art, we wanted to create our underwear from a fabric that’s exciting to wear, and MicroModal was the only logical choice to accomplish that.



Why MicroModal is so Soft

MicroModal’s unparalleled comfort and softness comes from the way it’s made. Before being crafted into MicroModal, the pulp used to make it is ground to an ultra-fine consistency and then spun into incredibly fine fibers.

These ultrafine fibers are then woven in a way that encourages what’s known in the textile industry as low fiber rigidity, meaning that the weave of the fabric is meant to prevent it from being stiff when worn. They’re stronger and softer than cotton, but weigh less.The result is a fabric that’s silky smooth, moisture wicking, and breathable.


Our MicroModal


As a whole, MicroModal is going to be exceptionally soft. But, for our underwear, we wanted to ensure that you couldn’t find the same level of comfort anywhere else– even in other luxury MicroModal underwear.

That’s why the fabric we use has a higher weight than most. The weight of a fabric depends upon its thread count, and in general, the higher the thread count, the more durable and comfortable a fabric is going to be. So, not only will your Atelier Traditionnel luxury underwear be comfortable, but they’ll be comfortable for a long time.


Find Out for Yourself

Reading about the comfort of MicroModal is one thing, but to wear a pair of underwear that’s so comfortable you won’t want to take them off is something else entirely. The only way to truly understand the unmatched comfort and softness of MicroModal is to wear a pair for yourself.

Your privates will thank you.