How Can You Keep your Tighty Whities Looking like New?


White fabrics have a tendency to look dingy over time. If not cared for correctly, they’ll lose their crisp, clean appeal and start to look like a different garment entirely. We’ve all had this happen with our favorite white shirts, and our underwear runs the risk of suffering the same fate.


The Correct Way to Wash Luxury Underwear

Luxury underwear is best washed on a delicate cycle with cold water, or by hand, in order to preserve its longevity. Luckily, this process is also fine for keeping your tighty whities brilliantly white. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to clean your whites in hot, bleach-filled water in order to keep them looking great.

Instead, the most important part is to always remember to pre-treat any stains and to use an oxygenated, dye-free detergent. Just be sure that your luxury underwear gets thoroughly rinsed. If detergent remains on the fabric as its drying, you’re definitely going to see some yellowing. So if your washer has an extra rinse option, it’s recommended for your white briefs. Or, if you’re washing by hand, be sure to run your tighty whities under water until there are no suds. Once washed, tumble dry on a delicate cycle with other white clothing only, or hang them up to dry.


Don't Wait Between Washes

We don’t have to tell you that you shouldn’t re-wear the same pair of underwear day after day without laundering them. That’s just common sense.

But, there’s a common washing mistake that even the most hygienic guys make which may be causing your underwear to turn yellow or dingy quickly: waiting too long between washes.

If you sweat a significant amount in your tighty whities, or if you something gets spilled on them, it’s best to wash them quickly. This isn’t to say that you need to constantly be doing laundry, rushing to wash your tighty whities as soon as you take them off. Instead, try to be cognizant of the condition your underwear is in when you toss it into your hamper. Luckily, MicroModal fabric is moisture wicking and isn’t going to hold onto sweat like other fabrics, but if you’ve been working out or spilled something on yourself, make sure your briefs have had time to dry before putting them in a hamper. Similarly, try not to pile sweaty gym clothes on top of them. Doing so can cause bacteria or oils to build up, which will quickly make your tighty whities less pristine.


Our high-end underwear is meant to last you a long time. And if you stick to these care instructions, your tighty whities will look like new for quite a while!