Can a Narrow Underwear Waistband Make You Look Slimmer?

A lot of us want to look slimmer, especially when we are almost in the buff. Here’s how.

Picking underwear is like picking pants, or a coat: whatever you choose to wear will have an impact in how it frames your body, making it look slimmer or boxier.

If you ask around, most people will suggest that a way to look slimmer in everyday life is to wear a belt. A belt makes clothes hug your body closer to your waist, and seeming to reduce the size of your hips, creates the illusion of a slimmer frame.


Few people, however, realize the same is true for underwear. And if you’re ready to splurge on premium underwear for a day that matters, you may as well choose one that will elongate your silhouette and make you look like you have lost a few pounds.

The first trick is to pick underwear that’s not monochromatic: by having an elastic band of a different color than the underwear fabric, you will visually create the look of a belt that hugs your waist, and this will naturally make you look thinner. No workout needed.

The second trick is even more powerful, because very few people understand this: the thinner the band is, the more it will appear slimming on you. Why? Because of the rules of proportions. A narrower elastic band is smaller than a classic one because of this, it will trick the eye in seeing a smaller waist, and as a result, a thinner you.

Just look at the two photos below for proof.

The Charcoal briefs. Slimming…

The Charcoal briefs. Slimming…

The Slim briefs. Even more slimming.

The Slim briefs. Even more slimming.

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