Can Underwear Make Your Package Look Bigger, Without Pouch, Padding or Any Other Gimmick?

Who doesn’t want to make sure their package looks their best? But who wants to wear uncomfortable, gimmicky styles for the sake of it? We have the solution.

The complicated science of front-enhancing underwear - according to other brands.

A lot of brands offer underwear that claims to improve the look of your most precious assets. They make so many promises it is actually overwhelming. From push-up underwear to padded briefs to Wonderbra for men, the list is endless. You can feel like you need a PhD to enhance how your package looks.

One has a U-shaped piece of material inserted into front pouch to hold your package up, lifting it upwards and outwards. Another one has straps which fasten underneath the package and behave like a cradle, holding the package upwards and supporting it underneath. Really?

Beyond the fact one can’t really be sure what this does, it also seems incredibly complicated, uncomfortable and… why would you wear underwear with straps? If all goes well, you’ll end up removing the pair… and then your partner in crime will notice your underwear packs a trick to make you look bigger than you are. It’s like advertising you’re not for real, at the worst possible moment

Simply said, we don’t think that’s right.

Our package-enhancing solution: simple, luxurious and very effective.

We think there is another way to give you that added boost without looking like you’re trying too hard.

The secret? It’s in the engineering of the front of our premium undies. Have a look at a picture to see how they fit. Do you see something? The fabric gently pulls on each side of the front pouch, creating 2 natural creases that frame your package.

#1 package-enhancing reason: our fabric is special.

We use a high-weight American made Micromodal fabric, that is incredibly soft to the touch, and much more flexible than cotton. As a result, it moves with you, and supports your package while never constraining it. This means your package is fully supported while it looks like it is weighing down on the undies

#2 package-enhancing reason: we put design above cost.

Almost every brand makes underwear with a double layer of fabric in the front, because it provides added protection for ahem, things that can happen there. To cut costs, most brands will only use a double layer of fabric on the center front part of their briefs: that’s where your precious assets are, so that’s where you’ll want more protection.


We didn’t want to compromise on design to save pennies, so our briefs are made with one front piece that uses two fabric layers from thigh to thigh (not just in the center). That’s more fabric so it is more expensive. However, because the whole front panel is flexible and not restricted by stitching, it allows the underwear to form that thigh-to-thigh double crease that makes it look like whatever you have down there is pretty heavy.

#3 package-enhancing reason: you’re not looking like you’re trying too hard

Because we didn’t skimp on any expense to make our underwear look as best as it does, we didn’t need to come up with any package-enhancing gimmick that would look weird once your toss your undies on the floor in the heat of the action. Our luxury undies just look like regular undies. But with passionate craftsmanship and rigorous, no-expense-spared design, we are able to give your package a boost without looking like you’re trying too hard. If there is no pouch or padding, the undies look like regular ones. They work for you, but you’re the only one that knows that. That’s what we like to call them a good investment.

Learn more on our design here, and why we create underwear for the days that matter.