The Best Men's Briefs. Period.

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For many men, briefs are the perfect go-to pair of underwear. They’re supportive and sleek, practical and fashionable. But not all briefs are made the same. Mass produced and poorly constructed briefs simply don’t live up to the style’s potential. Good briefs are going to be comfortable and stylish, and accentuate your lower body.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to not just make good briefs, but the best briefs you can buy.


The Best Briefs Start with the Design

To make the best men’s briefs on the market, we began by perfecting our design. For too long, brands have gone to one of two extremes. Their briefs are either boring and frumpy, or they try too hard to be sexy and are brightly colored to the point of being tacky.

Our design seeks to strike a balance between these. Clean lines, a low-rise waist, and a pop of shimmer in our waistbands make our briefs look modern and stylish– never boring. At the same time, they’re refined, with understated elegance, never gaudy.

Having a balanced design ensures that our briefs work for any occasion and with any outfit. They make the ideal base layer for business attire and formal wear, but they also have the sex appeal to be worn in more intimate moments. Regardless of your body type, our briefs are designed to showcase your legs, accentuating and elongating them.



Great Briefs Require Great Fabric

Expert design gives our briefs a strong starting point, but it’s their comfort and durability that convince most men that our briefs are the best.

By using MicroModal fabric with a touch of elastane, we’ve created briefs that are truly high-end and luxurious. MicroModal is silky and soft to the touch, guaranteeing that our briefs are never scratchy or coarse. It’s also a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps you from feeling stuffy and sweaty. With a hint of elastane in the mix, our briefs will conform to your body and retain their shape over time.


Handcrafted for Your Satisfaction

Being meticulous with our design and selective with the materials we use already puts our briefs in a league of their own. But, it wasn’t enough. We wanted to create a brief that truly redefines what it means for men’s underwear to be considered luxury. To do that we’ve taken every detail of creating our underwear into consideration.

That includes the construction of the underwear. Making the best men’s brief on the market means that we can’t outsource our garments to factories overseas. Mass production would prevent them from receiving the hands-on attention needed to make each piece a work of art. To prevent that from happening, we work with local artisans to produce each piece. We benefit by getting to know the people who make our underwear, and you benefit by getting a garment that has been carefully constructed by an expert.

By working with artisans here in the United States, we’re supporting the domestic economy and limiting our environmental impact– all while crafting what we believe are the most luxurious men’s briefs you’ll ever wear.

It’s one thing to read about our briefs, but it’s something else altogether to actually wear the best briefs on the market. Try them out for yourself and let us know what you think.