Tuxedo 101... and How It Inspired our Most Sophisticated Collection yet.

Much like the formalwear it’s named after, our Tuxedo line of luxury underwear sets the standard for refinement and style.

Since 1865, when Prince Edward VII popularized the outfit, the tuxedo has defined men’s black-tie apparel. It's well tailored and adheres to a tradition of masculine refinement. Few, if any, outfits have stood the test of time as well as the tuxedo.

And the same is true for our Tuxedo underwear collection.


How the Tuxedo Changed Men’s Fashion

Before the creation of the modern tuxedo, men’s formal attire required wool pants with a matching full-length tailcoat. The dress coat was a stylish mark of the upper class, but it was not a practical outfit. The coat was hot and uncomfortably long, with its tails coming down to the knees.

By the late nineteenth century, men had smoking jackets as an alternative to their tailcoats. Yet, the shorter smoking jackets were too informal to wear in mixed company. They were only donned at male-exclusive events or after the ladies had left a gathering.

While there is some dispute over who first designed the tuxedo, it's widely accepted that Prince Edward VII popularized it. He wanted a jacket that would be formal enough for mixed company yet more comfortable than the traditional tailcoat. His tailor rose to the challenge, creating what we now call a tuxedo jacket.

The new garment removed the tails of the aptly named tailcoat, but maintained its specific fitting and styling above the waist. The prince commissioned the outfit for himself, and he also sent notable guests to his tailor for similar garments.

Among these guests was the American millionaire, James Brown Potter, who met with the prince during one of his trips to the United Kingdom. Upon returning to the United States, Potter debuted his new lounge coat at the Autumn Ball at Tuxedo Park Country Club. Potter and his colleagues, some of whom also wore the jacket, caused a stir. Their convention-defying attire became a topic of gossip, earning them a mention in the local paper. But the trend caught on, and the tailless coat became known by the moniker of the prestigious club in which it made its American debut– the tuxedo.

Since then, the tuxedo has remained the premier garment for men’s formalwear. As far as menswear goes, nothing has retained as much popularity and dignity for as long as the tuxedo.


How our Tuxedo Line is Changing Men’s Underwear

We drew upon the most important elements of the tuxedo’s rich history when designing our tuxedo line. The luxurious black fabric is offset by the soft sheen of a dark charcoal waistband, replicating the shiny waistband of classic tuxedo pants. As with all our designs, they utilize clean lines and understated elegance, ensuring that they flatter your body and work with any outfit.

Being solid black, the Tuxedo collection is sleek and refined. The French-inspired design and pop of shimmer in the waistband put a modern twist on a very classic look, preventing them from looking too conservative. Each piece is ideal for formal events or other occasions in which you may want to dress a little nicer.

In short, our Tuxedo line is crafted to live up to the legacy of the tuxedo, ensuring you’ll turn heads and redefine the look of luxury.

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Brad Parker