Trunks Are The New Briefs

According to research conducted by First Insight, trunks accounted for approximately 8% of men’s underwear purchases in 2013. By 2016, that percentage had skyrocketed to 56%. Trunks’ popularity stems from their ability to strike a balance between the support and style of a brief and the coverage and comfort of a boxer brief. As we’ve written about before, trunks are a very versatile garment and can look great on a variety of body types. On top of that, their cut allows them to work well with everything from formal outfits to active wear.

To make sure that our trunks live up to their potential, we’ve worked hard to craft them to be the best pair of trunks that you can buy. Here’s what we mean.

Made from the Right Stuff

Crafting a garment that looks and feels amazing requires the ideal fabric. In order to create high-end underwear that is silky against your skin, wicks away moisture, and comfortably hugs the body, we decided to step away from the cotton and polyester blends that dominate the underwear market. Instead, we opted for MicroModal fabric with a touch of elastane.

MicroModal is a high-end, sustainably produced fabric that feels far softer and silkier than cotton. By weaving it with a small percentage of elastane, we ensure that our underwear hugs the body comfortably and holds its shape. To maximize these benefits, we use a higher fabric weight than other brands. This makes the touch and feel of our underwear against the skin absolutely incredible. And since MicroModal is luxuriously breathable and moisture wicking, the higher fabric weight doesn’t make them feel hot or stuffy.

Engineered for Luxury

Before the first piece of fabric was cut or the first needle was threaded, our trunks began with a straightforward idea: understated elegance and unparalleled comfort. While the visual impact of our trunks utilizes clean, simple lines, there’s nothing simple about designing this kind of garment.

We’ve designed the cut of our trunks to have a slightly low-rise waist. The cut has been engineered to compliment your body and be worn comfortably beneath any style of outfit. We’ve even tested this out on a variety of body types. The clean cut and proportions of our trunks are going to flatter your best assets and create a refined, sophisticated silhouette. Additionally, because of the elastane in our fabric, they’re not going to ride up your legs, regardless of the type of pants you wear over them.

In regards to aesthetics, we believe that men’s underwear should exude confidence and refined elegance. That’s why we don’t use harsh colors or vibrant designs that shout at you, as that can make garments come across as attention-seeking or immature. Instead, we stick to clean, powerful lines and a practical, attractive color palette, which draws the eye and creates a very stylish, modern look.

Made in America

A small atelier in Los Angeles handcrafts our trunks from fabric that’s made in America. We’re proud to be supporting the domestic economy, and our products (and thereby our customers) benefit from the incredible expertise of American craftsmen. For us, making our luxury underwear in America is about doing the most good and creating the best product that we can. We have more control and input in the production of our underwear, which makes for unbeatable quality assurance– a benefit that you can see and feel when you wear a pair.

The Best Trunks You Can Buy

Trunks are popular because they’re a great, versatile garment. Yet being a popular garment is no excuse for mass production or mediocrity, which is why so much care goes into creating ours. At each step of production– from the materials used, to the design, to the construction– Atelier Traditionnel’s trunks are crafted to set a new standard for one of America’s most popular styles of men’s underwear.