The Case for Investing in Luxury Underwear

When it comes to fashion, slow and steady still wins the race. You may spend more upfront, but the benefits of doing so abound.


When done right, clothes are masterpieces, and art can’t be rushed. Creating it takes time and attention to detail. As a result, true luxury underwear cannot be mass produced and comes with a higher price tag. This, however, is not an unfortunate by-product of the care that goes into making luxury underwear. Instead, it is one of its strengths.

The slow fashion approach to producing clothing is more sustainable, and it benefits customers in the long run. From the quality of the garment you receive to the economic impact of its purchase, buying high-end underwear less often makes far more sense than buying affordable underwear frequently.


You Benefit

Upon purchasing high-end underwear, the most immediately noticeable benefit is the quality. The use of better materials and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into producing luxury underwear are going to make for a garment that is significantly more comfortable and better constructed than lower-end alternatives. To put it simply, you’ll feel better when wearing them.

Purchasing luxury underwear can also help you save money in the long run. For many, this can be difficult to realize at first, as purchasing several pairs of higher end underwear comes with a significant upfront cost. This is, however, an investment that will pay itself off in time.

When cared for correctly, high-end underwear is going to last longer than lower quality garments. Replacing cheaper underwear as they fade, stretch, or tear will get expensive, and eventually you’ll have spent more than you would have by simply purchasing luxury underwear to begin with.


The Environment Benefits

Being able to purchase fewer pairs of underwear benefits the environment as much as your wallet. The process of mass producing garments uses incredibly high amounts of fabrics and dyes, and mass production factories create a large carbon footprint. That type of high fabric demand can also strain the natural resources used to produce it.  

By slowing down the production process and using high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics, fewer garments need to be made at a time. This uses fewer natural resources, creates a smaller carbon footprint, and helps cut down on waste.


American Workers Benefit

Finally, the slow fashion model is beneficial for the workers and artisans who make the garments. This type of production is best handled locally as it necessitates expertise and good working conditions.           

In the case of Atelier Traditionnel, since our our fabric is made in the United States, American workers are going to benefit directly. Creating high quality products locally helps create new jobs that pay well for local artisans and craftsmen, so it is better for the economy.


In Summary

While luxury underwear is a higher investment upfront, the payoff is undeniably worth it. Given the strain that mass produced clothing places on workers, the environment, and your finances as you have to replace pieces frequently, cheap clothing is not a sustainable option. When you pay more, you get more. The difference in quality alone makes it worthwhile to purchase luxury underwear, but with the additional benefits that come with it, the choice is clear.