Ditch the Dryer - Your Luxury Underwear Deserves Better

Dryers may be convenient, but they’re drastically shortening your clothes’ lifespan.

Putting your clothes in the dryer may save you some time, but you end up paying a hefty price for that convenience. Anybody knows that dryers can shrink your clothing, and that it’s best to avoid putting items like jeans and dressier attire in them. The truth, however, is that dryers do more than shrink your clothes– they also cause fabrics to break down.

Whether it’s your work clothes, gym clothes, or your premium underwear, using a dryer is going to drastically decrease your clothings’ lifespan.


The Issue with Dryers

Dryers work by tumbling your clothing in a heated drum, encouraging moisture to be drawn out of the material.

This process puts stress on the fabric, causing microscopic damage to your clothing. Shrinkage is the most noticeable outcome of this type of damage. However, even in pieces of clothing in which shrinkage is less noticeable, damage is still occurring.

Take a look at the lint trap after a load of laundry has gone through the dryer. Where does that lint come from? Your clothes. Dryer lint is caused by strands of fabric pulling away and breaking in the dryer. Even if your clothes aren’t shrinking visibly, the presence of lint should be an indicator that the fabric is breaking down.

As fabric breaks down, its tensile strength decreases, meaning that it is more prone to ripping, tearing, and stretching. One study found that as few as 20 washing and drying cycles could cause a piece of fabric to lose up to 50% of its tensile strength. This damage is pretty consistent between short cycles with high heat and long cycles with low heat.

That’s why, as we’ve written before, you should not machine dry your Atelier Traditionnel underwear (or any clothing that you really like). Our luxury underwear is handmade from premium MicroModal fabric in order to ensure that it is the utmost in comfort and style. If you want to keep your high-end underwear looking and feeling pristine, then it is important that you maintain the integrity of the fabric. That means keeping them away from the dryer.


What to use Instead of a Dryer

Hanging your clothes or laying them flat to dry are the safest ways to prevent damage to your clothing. While these methods do take a little longer than a dryer to get your clothes dry, they allow for the fabric to dry slower and don’t subject your clothing to vigorous tumbling.

Since most of us don’t have outdoor clotheslines, hanging or laying out clothing indoors is the next best approach. In urban homes, where indoor space can be limited, a tall drying rack that allows you to utilize vertical space can be an efficient way to dry your clothes. Just be careful to not let your pieces overlap, to ensure optimal results.

Alternatively, you can install a retractable clothing line indoors that you can extend and hang your clothing from to dry when needed.

Giving your clothes a little extra time to dry naturally will pay off in the long run, and it will protect your investment in luxury underwear. Remember: our underwear is art, and it deserves to be treated as such.

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