Trunks or Briefs? Picking The Ideal Underwear Style For Your Body Type

Trunks and briefs enhance your body in different ways. So, when picking the style of underwear that works best for you, it helps to think about how each style fits.


When it comes to choosing between briefs and trunks, your decision will likely come down to a matter of personal preference. In the end, your confidence and comfort are the most important factors in picking the elements of your outfit. Briefs and trunks are both very versatile garments, so you can’t go wrong with either. But, if you want to achieve a certain silhouette or accentuate your best features, it helps to know how each cut of underwear can complement your body.


Choosing Briefs

Briefs are classic and versatile. While fully covering your package and backside, they’re cut near the hip, leaving most of the thigh free. Since there is no excess fabric, briefs can be worn comfortably with virtually any outfit (especially when made from the best material you can find). Briefs are also going to give you substantial support and keep everything in place, so they’re fine for moderate activity levels.

In addition to their functionality, by having less fabric and exposing more of the thigh, briefs create a very particular silhouette. As briefs are cut near the top of the thigh, your entire leg is visible. This makes your legs look longer. For guys with toned legs, a brief is going to draw attention to your legs and accentuate them nicely. They’re also a great style of underwear for guys with shorter legs, as they’ll make your legs appear longer and won’t give them the appearance of looking cut off or stumpy.


Choosing Trunks

In recent years, trunks have risen in popularity. Like briefs, they provide great comfort and support, but they also provide more coverage. Trunks have more fabric than briefs, covering the upper fourth or so of your thigh, but none of the excess fabric is loose, allowing trunks to be smooth and comfortable under virtually any outfit. In addition, they also provide great support, and can be worn for moderate physical activity.

Though their functionality is similar, trunks and briefs create distinctly different silhouettes. Because trunks do have fabric coming down onto the thigh, they are not going to make your legs look quite as long or draw as much attention to them. Guys with thinner legs or a flatter behind will benefit from this. Trunks create a square shape, so they give your body a sturdier appearance. This can make your legs and butt look a bit fuller if they’re on the thin side. If you have toned legs, trunks can still be a very flattering option–– just keep in mind that if you have shorter legs, trunks won’t create the illusion of longer legs that you’ll get from a pair of briefs.


Your Turn to Choose

Briefs and trunks are both great go-to styles for your underwear, and taking the silhouettes they create into consideration will allow you to choose which works best for you. Don’t forget the color of underwear you pick can also play a big role in enhancing your look.

Now it’s your turn to choose: trunks or briefs?


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