Here’s Why MicroModal Is The Best Fabric For Luxury Underwear

Atelier Traditionnel - classic white trunks

Atelier Traditionnel - classic white trunks


For unparalleled comfort and improved durability, luxury underwear brands have turned to the exclusive fabric known as MicroModal. Made from the European beech wood tree, this sustainable fiber brings a series of unique benefits found only in this high-end fabric.

Dimensional stability, unparalleled soft touch and hygroscopic properties sets MicroModal apart from competing fabrics. With over 200 men’s underwear brands around the world, knowing what to look for in a pair is crucial to your optimal comfort.


More Than Your Average Cotton Briefs

The art of handcrafted underwear is more than just a garment for gentlemen. It’s a reflection of self-worth, an appreciation for technical design that goes into luxury goods. When you slide on a pair of luxury underwear, you feel the difference.

To keep up with the trend but keep costs low, underwear companies have rebranded cotton. While names like Egyptian and Pima cotton sound luxe, they will always hold the same properties as cotton. A simple touch of MicroModal fabric yields sensual results. An elegant, silky feel conventional brands attempt to mimic through blending budget fibers.

Compared to cotton, MicroModal boasts a 50% higher absorbency rate. When combined with moisture wicking properties, this fiber makes the perfect underwear for warm weather and intense workouts. All while maintaining a fresh, silky feel against your skin.


MicroModal’s Structural Integrity

Aside from the fabric's renowned soft touch, the dimensional structure reflects the design's technical expertise. Luxury underwear containing this exclusive fabric holds together in the side seams as well as the leg opening. A characteristic traditional cotton underwear lacks over time. The structural integrity of MicroModal is best for a long term contoured fit.

Thanks to fabrics like MicroModal, the improved structural integrity of underwear is built to last longer. Buying underwear will go from a chore to an experience. Discovering what brand reflect your inner self. Which technical designs you appreciate. All because they’ll be apart of your style and wardrobe for long time.  

Underwear is an important part of a man’s wardrobe. While they are unseen by most people around you, they are felt by you every day. Purchasing high end underwear is not a mindless buy, but a well thought out investment in your future.


Investing in luxury underwear

Embarking on the journey of expensive underwear can be intimidating for a new buyer. Higher price tags, questionable satisfaction. We’re here to tell you it’s okay. And yes, investing in a pair of luxury underwear is worth your money.

Dye bleeding, dimensional alteration and pilling are a few of the drawbacks of conventional cotton. With colorfast rayon fabrics like MicroModal you’re guaranteed vibrant colors and comfortable features for extended periods of time. 



Compared to conventional cotton briefs, investing in a pair of luxury underwear offers a multitude of benefits. With vibrant color retention, luxurious comfort and lightweight design, luxury brands have turned to MicroModal for improved quality. If you’ve been looking to invest in a new pair of underwear, consider the unique workings of MicroModal fabric.





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