Keep Your Luxury Underwear Luxurious


Handmade, luxury underwear feels and looks extraordinary. Do you know how to ensure that it stays that way?

Luxury underwear may come with a high price tag, but the cost makes sense once you have them on. Purchasing high end clothing is about understanding quality. They’re going to feel and fit better than lower cost alternatives, and will last significantly longer without pilling or tearing.

Maintaining this value as long as possible, and getting the most for your money, simply requires that you know how to properly care for your underwear.

Invest in Yourself

If you have an appreciation for value, high end underwear is an investment worth making. Purchasing luxury underwear is quite similar to buying a nice, tailored suit. You wouldn’t waste your money on a suit that’s ill-fitting and poorly constructed, because you know it’s not a good value. You won’t be making a good impression, and the suit won’t last very long. The same is true for men’s underwear. Not only is luxury underwear going to fit better and last longer than cheaper alternatives, but the simple elegance of its style is going to work for whatever situation you find yourself in. To ensure that your investments retain the most value and continue to offer you unparalleled comfort, you’ve got to know how to care for them.

Briefly, How to Clean your Briefs

Laundering your underwear correctly is the primary way to ensure that it has a long life. When washing and drying your handmade Atelier Traditionnel underwear, keep in mind that the supremely comfortable MicroModal fabric we use shouldn’t be treated like standard cotton. Caring for our underwear is easy; just remember that they can’t be tossed into the washer and dryer like your gym clothes. MicroModal fabrics need to be either hand washed in cold water, or machine washed on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach on them. A mild detergent is sufficient. You should also avoid using fabric softener, as it can shorten the lifespan of your underwear. Don’t worry: MicroModal fabrics are soft and silky without it. Once you’ve cleaned your underwear, hang them or lay them flat to dry. Avoiding high temperatures in a dryer will prevent the texture from being damaged.

Why It’s Worth the Extra Effort

To ensure that you get the best product possible, each pair of Atelier Traditionnel underwear is handcrafted from a 92% MicroModal and 8% elastane blend, made in America. MicroModal is a lightweight, sleek fabric that feels fluid on your body and softer than a standard cotton. The small percentage of elastane is to help your underwear keep its shape, giving you the support and comfort you deserve. If you care for your underwear correctly, it’s going to last you a long time, which you’ll be grateful for— once you’ve worn luxury underwear, you won’t want to wear anything else.

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