Why Underwear is the Most Important Piece of your Outfit

No outfit is complete without the right underwear. In fact, your underwear might just be the most important part.

Far too many men downplay the importance of their underwear, thinking that the difference between wearing underwear or going without it simply comes down to personal preference. The truth is that your underwear plays a critical role in your wardrobe. Underwear is not only a fashion statement, it’s also a very practical article of clothing. The right pair of underwear is going to set a solid foundation for your outfit, provide you with comfort and support, and make a statement about who you are.

Underwear is Foundational

Your underwear is the first part of your outfit that you put on. When you dress well, you feel more competent and capable. So, your underwear is the foundation of your ability to dress confidently. After all, your underwear is the most intimate piece of apparel that you wear; it is a much truer reflection of your self-perception and confidence than the clothes you wear outwardly. A nice pair of underwear is also going to offer an effective foundation for the rest of your outfit by complementing your shape and preventing discomforting bunching or snagging.

Underwear is Functional

Not only does proper underwear make you feel confident, it also serves very practical purposes. A good pair of underwear is going to provide you comfort and support where you need it most. Your underwear affords you a layer of soft fabric, which should contour to your body and move with it to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire day. The light, sleek fabrics used–especially the MicroModal blend that we use in our luxury underwear –is going to prevent your most sensitive areas from rubbing against coarser garment fabrics and seams, which can cause irritation or chafing. When you’re wearing tighter fitting pants, your underwear helps guarantee that you aren’t showing too much.

Underwear is Art

While underwear is a very functional part of your outfit, its aesthetic value is also key. We believe that underwear defines a person when they are truly themselves, which is why men’s underwear deserves to be crafted and treated like artwork. By treating your outfits as a work of art, you set yourself apart as one of a kind. Our underwear looks as good as it feels for this very reason. Even if nobody else sees your underwear in a given day (but especially if someone does), you don’t want to have to worry about looking or feeling frumpy. That’s why our thoughtfully designed, high-end underwear is meticulously crafted by local artisans. You deserve to be able to wear a perfectly fitted, unique masterpiece that affords you the functionality you need while still looking sophisticated and attractive.

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