Atelier Traditionnel

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the story


Atelier Traditionnel was created in 2015 after we realized men buying high-end underwear were not getting their money’s worth. 

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We decided to create underwear pieces that aligned with our idea of luxury: incredibly comfortable with an understated design and made in America by highly skilled artisans. Our underwear aims to celebrate craftsmanship and quality over offshoring and standardization.

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incredible comfort

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understated design

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american craftsmanship

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the masterpiece

We spent two years researching, designing, sourcing and sampling to achieve our vision. We turned down one fabric after another, until we picked an extraordinarily soft one we were told was "too good for underwear". We didn’t see underwear as basic pieces of fabric stitched together, but rather as pieces of art. Hence our motto: Underwear is Art.

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underwear is art

Designed in France, handcrafted in small batches in California with luxurious American-made fabric, our limited edition pieces are created like made-to-order masterpieces.

We think we have created the best underwear on the planet.


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our team

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the collection